Brinjal or eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) is an important solanaceous crop of sub-tropics and tropics.The name brinjal is popular in Indian subcontinents.Brinjal fruit (unripe) is primarily consumed as cooked vegetable in various ways and dried shoots areused as fuel in rural areas. It is low in calories and fats, contains mostly water, some protein, fibre andcarbohydrates. It is a good source of minerals and vitamins and is rich in total water soluble sugars, freereducing sugars, amide proteins among other nutrients.

Brinjal Gomukh(Not Edible)
Rs. 40

Brinjal Purple/Blue Long
Rs. 40

Brinjal Purple Stripe Round
Rs. 40

Brinjal Black Beauty

Eeranagere Badane(Purple Short Brinjal)

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Brinjal Green Long

Brinjal Green Round (Mudde Brinjal)

Brinjal Musuku Badane

Brinjal White Beauty

Brinjal White Long

Brinjal Black Giant