Desi Maize Flavor

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Desi Maize Flavor 

A cook book for food lovers 


Maize is the most bountiful and beautiful food grain in color, diversity, dazzling appearance. The aesthetic crown does go to corn of all the cereals. It is a sight for sore eyes to behold the myriad maize diversity form purple, pink to yellow. The rainbow shies to the sheen of corn colors. This no longer rings true of the varieties we grow now in the world. Maize of deep diversity is reduced to mere yellow grain sadly. There is death of diversity.


Julie jain, in this book has tried bringing a beautiful amalgamation of traditional wisdom in food from the tribal wisdom in food from the tribal villages. This book gives an opening for you to try these healthy and delicious dishes made from Desi Maize.


Author : Julie Jain

Publication : Sahaja Samrudha


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